About CFF


Film can be a force for social good and is one of the many ways in which ideas and conversations are brought to life. CANA Film Festival (CFF) is a biennial event that consists of film screenings and panel discussions centred around social themes.

The focus of these films are on social themes such as family, relationships, life and death, climate change, social commentary etc. Panel discussions are organised after every screening to provide value to the viewing experience. This is done with the hope of inspiring meaningful discourse and to encourage viewers to think deeper as opposed to seeing film a mere superficial, social outing.

A curated slate of international films will be screened at various venues across Singapore and members of the public are invited to register for these screenings which will be ticketed.

Furthermore, speakers and panellists who are invited to be on these dialogue sessions are thought leaders and subject matter experts in the field relating to the said social issues/causes of the respective films. CFF aims to be that bridge to connect these organisations to members in the audience who may wish to be connected to drive real social change.

The screenings are paired with panel discussions with experts relevant to the social theme highlighted in the films in an effort to inspire audiences to live a more purposeful and authentic life.