Doubtful – Film Review

Simultaneously delicate and powerful, Doubtful is a film to behold. It does a beautiful job of spotlighting not only the urgency of the issues, but also the subtle poetry woven into the greyness of an Israeli suburb. The characters and their tenuous, tender, sometimes terrifying relationships flow easily off the screen and into the hearts of the people watching them. In their squashed, crumbling classroom, laughter breaks out as quickly as a bloody fight. A lunch at home froths with tension – a delicious meal can turn into a shouting match. As you follow the lives of youths seen as delinquents in the eyes of those around them, every scene manages to deliver tiny punches to your gut. When the film ends and the lights snap back on, their stories will follow you out of the cinema and linger in your mind.

Contributed by:

Ziying Teng

Lead, Boys’ Town Youth Reach