Festival Guide

Kindly reference the schedule below for our upcoming combination of online and physical screenings in November & December 2021 at various venues.

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Synopsis: Rocca is eleven and the daughter of a German astronaut. While attending school and living with her grandmother, she befriends some of the local homeless and becomes concerned about how society treats them. She does the same for the outcasts in her class who are bullied. Her care, creativeness and non-conforming ways bring joy to the people she interacts with and change them profoundly.

Duration: 1hr 41 min

Screening Dates:

22 Nov 2021 (Monday) – 7.00pm (Online Screening). Book here!

28 Nov 2021 (Sunday) – 2.30pm @ CANA Waterloo Street. Book here!



Synopsis: 30 years old. Weighs 105 kilograms. Ying-Juan works at her mother’s childcare center and has a harder time fitting in than a T-Rex in a petting zoo. On her birthday, Ying-Juan’s mother signs her up for a weight loss program. To earn her mom’s approval, Ying-Juan reluctantly joins the class. Things change when Ying-Juan meets Wu, a deliveryman who bears a past underneath his radiant smile. Meanwhile, Ying-Juan discovers Xiao-Yu, a straight-A student at the childcare center, is a secret cross-dresser, and special bond begins to form between them. Just when things are getting on the right track, Ying-Juan’s passion for cooking and life seem to be fading away due to her over-aggressive diet. Bitterly, Ying-Juan finds herself standing on the brink of a meltdown, both physically and psychologically.

Duration: 1hr 29 min

Screening Dates:

23 Nov 2021 (Tuesday) – 7.00pm (Online Screening). Book here!

2 Dec 2021 (Thursday) – 7.00pm (Online Screening). Book here!



Synopsis: When he isn’t taking care of his elderly father, Jerusalem native Ronen Matalon offers guided tours of famous terror attack sites along Jaffa Road. During one of his tours, he meets Asia Mulan, and ex-Jerusalemite who moved to Barcelona. When Ronen is struck by her thirst for life, he falls in love with her, and becomes torn between the conflicting forces of life and death. A dark romantic comedy.

Duration: 1hr 23 min

Screening Date:

24 Nov 2021 (Wednesday) – 7.00pm (Online Screening). Book here!



Synopsis: The film follows Teacher Meixi as she tries out Tutorial Relationships, a novel teaching method from Mexico, in Normal-Technical Stream classes in Singapore. For Damian and his classmates, learning in Meixi’s classroom is a deviation from what they’re used to. The tables are turned as students become teachers. Damian takes well to his newfound responsibilities and starts taking ownership of his learning, as well as helping his classmates with theirs. But Damian soon discovers some of the challenges his teachers face, having had the chance to step into their shoes. After several months, Teacher Meixi’s attempt at helping her students find meaning in their learning is met with resistance and she struggles to find her place in the local system. Unteachable captures the learning journeys of teenagers over a 4-year school period through to their graduation, giving a rare insight into their lives, fears of past failures, dreams for the future, and awareness of their place in society.

Duration: 1hr 17 min

Screening Date:

26 Nov 2021 (Friday) – 6.30pm CANA Waterloo Street. Book here!


DOUBTFUL (2018) – NC16

Synopsis: Assi, a screenwriter and poet, is stuck in his personal life. He is full of doubt, disturbing thoughts, and existential restlessness. He is sentenced to community service due to a drunken-driving motorcycle accident in which he was involved. For his community service, he is sent to work with juvenile delinquents in Beersheba – the desert city in southern Israel – who are under house arrest and must attend sessions with Assi in the neighborhood shelter as a condition for their parole. Their extreme personalities, their riotous energy, and their charm awaken in him curiosity and attraction; together, they break through the boundaries of the rehabilitative framework. Highlights the erratic social behavior of children lacking father figures, the product of war.

Duration: 1hr 28 min

Screening Dates:

25 Nov 2021 (Thursday) – 7.00pm (Online Screening). Book here!

1 Dec 2021 (Wednesday) – 7.00pm (Online Screening). Book here!



Synopsis: John Denver is a quiet, ordinary eighth grader who lives with his mom. During a school dance practice, a classmate who is broadcasting the practice on social media plays a mean prank on John. Upset, he leaves the practice early, only to be accused of stealing the boy’s iPad. He retaliates, and their fight is filmed and uploaded on social media. The video of John attacking his classmate goes viral, and his peaceful life is completely destroyed.

Duration: 1hr 33 min

Screening Dates:

27 Nov 2021 (Saturday) – 2.30pm CANA Waterloo Street. Book here!

30 Nov 2021 (Tuesday) – 7.00pm (Online Screening). Book here!



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Synopsis: Sustainable Nation, the new hour-long documentary from Imagination Productions, follows three individuals who are doing their part to bring sustainable water solutions to an increasingly thirsty planet. Using solutions developed in water-poor Israel, they are working to change the status quo of a world where one in ten people lacks access to safe drinking water. But water is just the beginning. The work of this visionary trio highlights the nexus between food, energy and water and underscores how solving these enormous challenges can help free women, and the world, from life-threatening poverty, illness and lack of opportunity. From the creators of Netflix-featured Beneath the Helmet: From High School to the Home Front, and PBS-featured Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big DifferenceSustainable Nation shows how fixing global water issues is not only a matter of life and death but the start of healing the world.

Duration: 1hr

Screening Date:

27 Nov 2021 (Saturday) – 5.00pm Online Screening. Book here!



Synopsis: Fifteen years after a psychotic event on the South China Sea flipped his life upside down, Alex, a sensitive, refined and schizophrenic man is at a crossroads. His grand-mother and confidante, who would like to die with peace of mind, insists that he tries to find a girlfriend. His encounter with a young psychotic woman gives birth to an ardently passionate relationship, making him slowly drift away from his usual emotional boundaries. 

Duration: 1hr 05 min

Screening Dates:

27 Nov 2021 (Saturday) – 7.00pm (Online Screening). Book here!

29 Nov 2021 (Monday) – 7.00pm (Online Screening). Book here!



Synopsis: Yuto is a 5th grade elementary school student living with his younger sister Misa and parents. His parents run a restaurant. One day, Yuto meets sisters Michiru  and Hikaru who live in a vehicle with their father. When their father disappears, leaving the girls behind, it’s up to Yuto to help. The film reflects kids’ diners for underprivileged children in Japan and explores themes of community solidarity as no one can live alone.  

Duration: 1hr 38 min

Screening Date:

28 Nov 2021 (Sunday) – 5.00pm CANA Waterloo Street. Book here!



Synopsis: A famous chef prepares the most significant cooking of his lifetime to deal with his past, after he meets his mother on the road through a bowl of soup. Celebrity chef Jiho Lim, better known as the “Wandering Chef” travels from one end of the Korean peninsula to the other, in search of the most unique ingredients known for their medicinal properties. He wanders through different landscapes, gathering ingredients, meeting diverse people and feeding a multitude of communities. All of his sources come from mother nature itself, who was his nurturer since he ran away from home at thirteen. He often slept on her soil using leaves as his blanket and eating herbs for survival.

Duration: 1hr 30min

Screening Date:

3 Dec 2021 (Friday) – 7.00pm CANA Upper Bukit Timah. Book here!