The Kids’ Diner

A quote by JK Rowling echoed with me after watching the movie… ”Family is a life jacket in the stormy sea of life” I dwelled deeper to understand the meaning of a life jacket and found it referred to as “a life preserver”.   It is interesting that this is a powerful phase has been used to connect with Life and God.  

This movie portrays the various interpretation of family relationships.  It indirectly reveals the challenges that all family members face at various stages of their lives with ever changing roles and responsibilities.  Some were more evidently expressed while some used non-verbal cues and coping mechanisms to keep it under wraps for various reasons. 

In my opinion, this could be a manifestation of the various attachment styles.  Attachment styles are patterns of how we think, feel, and act in close relationships.  The most important tenet is that young children need to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver for normal social and emotional development. 

On another spectrum, we see how the virtue of “acceptance” evolves till it becomes more pronounced.  The virtue of Acceptance means we accept ourselves and others, just the way we are.  Instead of an adult showcasing this virtue as per the norm, in this movie, the children are the ones who reminded us of this virtue. 

Overall, the director did a good job by making it so realistic that I resonated at various junctions.  This movie is a reminder that the challenges that families face is still very prevalent today and it conjured my thoughts on how, we as a community, can do more to support them.    In my opinion, the first step is the mindset shift that we can adopt and advocate to view children as “teachers of life” and not have the invisible barrier of expectations between children and adults. 

This is definitely a must watch for both children and parents to understand without judging, to communicate without anger, to listen without reacting and to trust without doubt.

Contributed by:

Jagdeep Kaur 

Manager, Programmes, Morning Star Community Services