Rocca Changes The World

Read on if you are looking for an uplifting movie for the whole family.

Rocca is an extraordinary 11-year old who is raised by her father and who tries to connect with her maternal grandmother who, unfortunately, resents her for causing the death of her daughter (Rocca’s mother) at childbirth.  

The movie opens with amazing Rocca landing a plane because the pilots are incapacitated by a landmark food poisoning that has affected the crew and passengers. This sets the tone of how exceptional Rocca is as the plot pans out.

Rocca touches lives as she moves from adventure to adventure, including saving a squirrel and nursing it back to health, befriending Casper the homeless man, encouraging compassion for the misunderstood in society, turning around school bullies.  A mini-activist, if one were to draw an analysis. 

Her non-conformist ways can be attributed to her unusual childhood, having grown up in a German astronaut training facility where she lives with her astronaut father.  As her father has to go on a mission in space, Rocca has to live with her grandmother and attend a normal school for the first time in her life.  Fearlessly independent and infectiously optimistic, Rocca eventually wins hearts and changes attitudes.  

Rocca’s close relationship with her father is endearing and the bond between them is inspiring.  It lays the foundation for Rocca’s capacity to love and spread love.  Her sweetest line “Grandma …. Please tell me about mom when she was little. You’re the only person I know who can do that.” No prize for guessing how that makes grandma feel.

Contributed by:

Agnes Eu

Chief Executive, Home Team NS